#739: Crazed Fruit

tqiuaqe0e09l8wfva5hqjmq7niu#739 – Crazed Fruit, (狂った果実), 1956, Kô Nakahira

Two brothers compete for the amorous favors of a young woman during a seaside summer of gambling, boating, and drinking, in this seminal Sun Tribe film from director Kô Nakahira. Adapted from the controversial novel by Shintarô Ishihara, and critically savaged for its lurid portrayal of the postwar sexual revolution among Japan’s young and privileged, Crazed Fruit is an anarchic outcry against tradition and the older generation.

#865: Madame Freedom

zzgw2k8jwimydwjurlgzczvws1h#865 – Madame Freedom, (자유부인), 1956, Han Hyeong-mo

A professor’s wife, O Seon-yeong, starts working at a boutique shop. She meets Choe Yun-ju and goes to a dance party. She happens to like Sin Chun-ho, so she learns dancing from the next-door neighbor. Meanwhile, professor Jang is attracted to his student, who works as a typist. But he does not want to ruin his family while waiting for his wife to come home. In the end O realizes her mistake and comes back home with regret.