#356: The Tree of Wooden Clogs

orxvdhuwjlhjzwzi1ni2hxgryug#356 – The Tree of Wooden Clogs, (L’albero degli zoccoli), 1978, Ermanno Olmi

The life inside a farm in Italy at the beginning of the century. Many poor country families live there, and the owner pays them by their productivity. One of the families has a very clever child. They decide to send him to school instead of make him help them, although this represents a great sacrifice. The boy has to wake up very early and walk several miles to get to the school. One day the boy’s shoes break when returning home, but they do not have money to buy other. What can they do?

#514: The Deer Hunter

zdxfmsqfqudqtemy5jcacxdadvy#514 – The Deer Hunter, 1978, Michael Cimino

A group of working-class friends decides to enlist in the Army during the Vietnam War and finds it to be hellish chaos – not the noble venture they imagined. Before they left, Steven married his pregnant girlfriend – and Michael and Nick were in love with the same woman. But all three are different men upon their return.


#557: Days of Heaven

rjw7tqbibnbieufyet02ovickdm#557 – Days of Heaven, 1978, Terrence Malick

In 1910, a Chicago steel worker accidentally kills his supervisor and flees to the Texas panhandle with his girlfriend and little sister to work harvesting wheat in the fields of a stoic farmer. A love triangle, a swarm of locusts, a hellish fire—Malick captures it all with dreamlike authenticity, creating at once a timeless American idyll and a gritty evocation of turn-of-the-century labor.

#633: Autumn Sonata

8tpqpklptcf27wdvqakni4rpau4#633 – Autumn Sonata, (Höstsonaten), 1978, Ingmar Bergman

After a seven-year absence, Charlotte Andergast travels to Sweden to reunite with her daughter Eva. The pair have a troubled relationship: Charlotte sacrificed the responsibilities of motherhood for a career as a classical pianist. Over an emotional night, the pair reopen the wounds of the past. Charlotte gets another shock when she finds out that her mentally impaired daughter, Helena, is out of the asylum and living with Eva.

#903: The Meetings of Anna

drqk5ssxkumtiq6dpibahflzvrf#903 – The Meetings of Anna, (Les Rendez-vous d’Anna), 1978, Chantal Akerman

Anna is a film director whose job takes her all over western Europe. In each place she either already has some intimate connection, or readily makes one. People seem drawn to her, but inevitably insist on sharing their inmost secrets and discontents with her, despite her obvious and profound lack of interest in these revelations. This does not deter Anna from continuing to meet people, and she genuinely connects with them occasionally, as when she sees her mother briefly in Brussels.