#370: The Florida Project

6l9cqztrvr7nwugxmvfldoujdvs#370 – The Florida Project, 2017, Sean Baker

The story of a precocious six year-old and her ragtag group of friends whose summer break is filled with childhood wonder, possibility and a sense of adventure while the adults around them struggle with hard times.


#970: Tangerine

eklr5c61xqzbtemokfrms3kdt8#970 – Tangerine, 2015, Sean Baker

It’s Christmas Eve in Tinseltown and Sin-Dee is back on the block. Upon hearing that her pimp boyfriend hasn’t been faithful during the 28 days she was locked up, the working girl and her best friend, Alexandra, embark on a mission to get to the bottom of the scandalous rumor. Their rip-roaring odyssey leads them through various subcultures of Los Angeles, including an Armenian family dealing with their own repercussions of infidelity.