#354: The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp

v59svfyekailrlopwvr1zxtpnpf#354 – The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp, 1943, Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger

General Candy, who’s overseeing an English squad in 1943, is a veteran leader who doesn’t have the respect of the men he’s training and is considered out-of-touch with what’s needed to win the war. But it wasn’t always this way. Flashing back to his early career in the Boer War and World War I, we see a dashing young officer whose life has been shaped by three different women, and by a lasting friendship with a German soldier.

#357: The Red Shoes

g9qdwbwslzntorwtgid2lckfdqv#357 – The Red Shoes, 1948, Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger

In this classic drama, Vicky Page is an aspiring ballerina torn between her dedication to dance and her desire to love. While her imperious instructor, Boris Lermontov, urges to her to forget anything but ballet, Vicky begins to fall for the charming young composer Julian Craster. Eventually Vicky, under great emotional stress, must choose to pursue either her art or her romance, a decision that carries serious consequences.

#513: Black Narcissus

jefbsecwv9zosfu1faefrvhtjqv#513 – Black Narcissus, 1947, Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger

A group of Anglican nuns, led by Sister Clodagh, are sent to a mountain in the Himalayas. The climate in the region is hostile and the nuns are housed in an odd old palace. They work to establish a school and a hospital, but slowly their focus shifts. Sister Ruth falls for a government worker, Mr. Dean, and begins to question her vow of celibacy. As Sister Ruth obsesses over Mr. Dean, Sister Clodagh becomes immersed in her own memories of love.

#788: I Know Where I’m Going!

hsky2es20fqyvmoumufyycnzroh#788 – I Know Where I’m Going!, 1945, Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger

Plucky Englishwoman Joan Webster travels to the remote islands of the Scottish Hebrides in order to marry a wealthy industrialist. Trapped by inclement weather on the Isle of Mull and unable to continue to her destination, Joan finds herself charmed by the straightforward, no-nonsense islanders around her, and becomes increasingly attracted to naval officer Torquil MacNeil, who holds a secret that may change her life forever.