#319: Marketa Lazarová

eimczzjlgkfurptxbkiup5qncbx#319 – Marketa Lazarová, 1967, František Vláčil

Mikolás and his brother Adam rob travelers for their tyrannical father Kozlík. During one of their “jobs” they end up with a young German hostage whose father escapes to return news of the kidnapping and robbery to the King. Kozlik prepares for the wrath of the King, and sends Mikolás to pressure his neighbor Lazar to join him in war. Persuasion fails, and in vengeance Mikolás abducts Lazar’s daughter Marketa, just as she was about to join a convent. The King, meantime, dispatches an army and the religious Lazar will be called upon to join hands against Kozlik. Stripped-down, surreal, and relentlessly grimy account of the shift from Paganism to Christianity.

#455: Casino Royale

agdj4rf39u1wgn9cdvifiqyhbsz#455 – Casino Royale, 2006, Martin Campbell

Le Chiffre, a banker to the world’s terrorists, is scheduled to participate in a high-stakes poker game in Montenegro, where he intends to use his winnings to establish his financial grip on the terrorist market. M sends Bond—on his maiden mission as a 00 Agent—to attend this game and prevent Le Chiffre from winning. With the help of Vesper Lynd and Felix Leiter, Bond enters the most important poker game in his already dangerous career.

#567: Daisies

4nof3uywdbwz0wrjxekygyblhct#567 – Daisies, (Sedmikrásky), 1966, Věra Chytilová

Two teenage girls, both named Marie, decide that since the world is spoiled they will be spoiled as well; accordingly they embark on a series of destructive pranks in which they consume and destroy the world about them. This freewheeling, madcap feminist farce was immediately banned by the government.

#839: Underground

ym5qexhb8fvwg0bzwdkky2pdt9e#839 – Underground, (Podzemlje), 1995, Emir Kusturica

Black marketeers Marko and Blacky manufacture and sell weapons to the Communist resistance in WWII Belgrade, living the good life along the way. Marko’s surreal duplicity propels him up the ranks of the Communist Party, and he eventually abandons Blacky and steals his girlfriend. After a lengthy stay in a below-ground shelter, the couple reemerges during the Yugoslavian Civil War of the 1990s as Marko realizes that the situation is ripe for exploitation.

#990: Closely Watched Trains

upz0nnbd626evnuucbnfva7xzpz#990 – Closely Watched Trains, (Ostře sledované vlaky), 1966, Jiří Menzel

In a small town still occupied by the Germans as World War II’s tide is turning toward the Allies, apprentice train-watcher Milos is oblivious to the war. Instead, he is obsessed with having his first sexual experience. Despite the favors of train conductor Masa, Milos has no luck. His quest leads him to a female Resistance fighter who, in passing, recruits him to the cause. As Milos finally finds love, danger draws closer.