#659: The Holy Mountain

skzrx6nztumpcleuhwmn0axq1fv#659 – The Holy Mountain, (La montaña sagrada), 1973, Alejandro Jodorowsky

A Mexican master leads a Christ figure and other disciples to a mountain of immortal wise men. The scandal of the 1973 Cannes Film Festival, writer/director Alejandro Jodorowsky’s flood of sacrilegious imagery and existential symbolism in The Holy Mountain is a spiritual quest for enlightenment pitting illusion against truth. The Alchemist assembles together a group of people from all walks of life to represent the planets in the solar system. The occult adept’s intention is to put his recruits through strange mystical rites and divest them of their worldly baggage before embarking on a trip to Lotus Island. There they ascend the Holy Mountain to displace the immortal gods who secretly rule the universe.

#919: Battles Without Honor and Humanity: Proxy War

9ucid2y7chfzps3z15saodx5ei7#919 – Battles Without Honor and Humanity: Proxy War, (仁義なき戦い 代理戦争), 1973, Kinji Fukasaku

Shozo Hirono has managed to separate from the Yamamori family and create his own small family, and extend his circle of acquaintances. These new friendships include a powerful underboss of the Muraoka family, Noboru Uchimoto.