#873: Devils on the Doorstep

zpbyuenbjghya6rka5rcqwgkoyb#873 – Devils on the Doorstep, (鬼子来了), 2000, Jiang Wen

During the Japanese occupation of China, two prisoners are dumped in a peasant’s home in a small town. The owner is bullied into keeping the prisoners until the next New Year, at which time they will be collected. The village leaders convene to interrogate the prisoners. The townspeople then struggle to accommodate the prisoners. One is a bellicose Japanese nationalist, the other a nervous translator. Will the townspeople manage to keep the prisoners until the New Year?

#883: In the Heat of the Sun

nu2xxy1b1vthpmhxyuspf7ohqxd#883 – In the Heat of the Sun, (阳光灿烂的日子), 1994, Jiang Wen
ChinaHong Kong

The film is set in Beijing during the Cultural Revolution. It is told from the perspective of Ma Xiaojun nicknamed Monkey, a teenage boy. Monkey and his friends are free to roam the streets of Beijing day and night because the Cultural Revolution has caused their parents and most adults to be either busy or away. The story revolves around Monkey’s dalliances with his roguish male friends and his subsequent angst-filled crush with Mi Lan.

#900: Platform

bvske1iq0hxzybgbz3ro9ckiotj#900 – Platform, (站台), 2000, Jia Zhangke

The movie is set in the remote chinese province of Fenyang, and spans the turbulent 1980s by following four performers in the state-run Peasant Culture Group. We see the group evolve from workers that are restricted to approved revolutionary classics that praise Chairman Mao, through performance of western classics, after china adopts an ‘open door’ policy, and the effects on their lives.

#995: Kung Fu Hustle

kw0dicdug2evuebaanu5lelyphg#995 – Kung Fu Hustle, (功夫), 2004, Stephen Chow

Set in Canton, China in the 1940s, the story revolves in a town ruled by the Axe Gang, Sing who desperately wants to become a member. He stumbles into a slum ruled by eccentric landlords who turns out to be the greatest kung-fu masters in disguise. Sing’s actions eventually cause the Axe Gang and the slumlords to engage in an explosive kung-fu battle. Only one side will win and only one hero will emerge as the greatest kung-fu master of all.